On Wet Shaving

I have been shaving with a double edged safety razor for about two months now and I feel ready to talk about it. In short, it’s far cheaper than cartridge razors in the long run and contrary to what you might think at first glance, you do not sacrifice safety or comfort for the value saved.

SICP Exercises Chapter 1 Part 1

I started reading through “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs” and thought it would be a good idea to publish my progress here. Here are my solutions for the first ten exercises in the book.

I did a few things at STM CTF 2018 Prelims

Here are a few challenges I chose to write about from the preliminary for STM CTF 2018 which will take place in Ankara at Oct 31. I want to thank the STM team for a fun and smooth CTF experience. I started competing in CTFs about half a year ago and I heard good things about STM CTF 2017. I hope I can attend this year :)

I did a thing at Harekaze 2018

I participated in DKHOS alongside bloodlust (formerly yubitsec) this year but this post is not about that. While we were waiting for DKHOS to start at midnight, we decided to warm up with another CTF that was going on at the time. That CTF was Harekaze 2018.

I did a thing at TU CTF 2017

It was called “The Neverending Crypto”. I don’t remember what difficulty level it was listed at, probably the lowest :) Here is how it went.

You are presented with an address and a port number. When you connect, you are asked to enter a string. The string you entered is encrypted and sent back to you. After a few tries, I realize it’s encrypted with a Caesar cipher.